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About the Association

The Federation of Hosiery Manufacturers’ Association of India (FOHMA) has worked for the cause of the Indian hosiery industry since its inception way back in 1972. Operating through its regional representatives from all corners of the country, it has continuously highlighted the issues of concern / problems of the industry; suggested ways & means of developing this sector; providing practical inputs to the Central Government on major programs; among others.

FOHMA is represented by 5 (five) zones – North Zone, South Zone, East Zone, West Zone and Central Zone – all of which represented by a Vice President, a Joint (Zonal) Secretary and other Committee Members. FOHMA’s activities are spearheaded through its Registered Office located in Kolkata.

Several Regional Hosiery Trade Associations are affiliated to FOHMA. Additionally, many leading Indian Hosiery manufacturers as well as reputed hosiery wholesalers / dealers are members of FOHMA. With its strong & diverse membership, FOHMA understands the need of its constituents, enabling it to make appropriate representations to all the concerned authorities.